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Jan 27, 2016How To Beautifully Arrange Supermarket Flowers

Have you ever bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the supermarket, or received one from a loved one, only to find that it doesn't look a pretty when you put it in the vase? Follow these pro tricks to beautifully arrange your bouquet of flowers in a vase every time.

The Right Bouquet

A gorgeous arrangement starts with the right flowers. Skip bouquets that contain wilted or crumpled blooms. Look for flowers that aren't fully open as they are the freshest. Check for slimy stems and brown leaves. Don't be afraid to create your own bouquet. Choose your focal point, some smaller contrast and finally a little greenery.

Choose Your Vase

Slim and tall or short and wide, both can hold a great arrangement. When selecting a vase, consider where the flowers will be placed and if it fills the space properly. Some bouquets may not fill the opening properly, which leads to flopped-over stems.

Separate & Trim Your Flowers

Open your bouquet and separate the stems by type. Depending on your selected flowers and the size of your vase, you may want to trim them into varying lengths to create dimension. Remove all of the leaves that would go inside the vase, and any excess leaves from the portion of the stems that is exposed.

Start Arranging

Start by placing some foliage in the vase. These stems should fall at an angle against the sides of the vase. Place a bit more foliage. Start adding the largest flowers one stem at a time and consider whether or not they need to be trimmed a bit more. At least one of these blooms should stand out. Continue adding the remaining flowers at different angles to create dimension and fullness. Add small stems of foliage to fill gaps. Be sure to look at your arrangement from different angles as you work.

Creating a gorgeous bouquet takes a little more effort than simply placing a bouquet into a vase. When properly done, you will enjoy your fresh flowers much more. You may even enjoy the process of arranging them!