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Apr 04, 2017Reflection Selection: Bring Mirror into Your Design

What if we told you that hanging one item on your wall could heighten the style and design of your home? Seems too simple to be true, but in this case, it is. Bringing mirrors into your home design can do wonders, especially if you have limited space or light. Why mirrors? Mirrors enhance light and provide reflection, which can help improve the way your house looks and feels. Mirrors also help to simulate depth in small rooms. With the New Year underway, we’ve compiled a list of ten ways to incorporate mirror into your home décor this year.

Top Ten Ways to Make Your House Shine

10. Add a mirror in your front entryway. Helpful for increasing light and allowing once last glance as you run out the door, you won’t be sorry it’s there. Ornate built-ins give a Victorian aesthetic; we’ve also seen beautiful wood framed mirror entry accents in Chicago bungalows. Fear not: a simple or smaller mirror will still increase the style and function of your foyer.

9.Movable mirrors increase the versatility in which you can use them. You can move the mirrors from time to time to have a different view of the house.It might be fun to have a new look in your house every month, changing with each location you put the mirror and what objects it reflects.

8. Install mirrors to cover wall blemishes and save on refinishing costs.That sounds like a win-win to us! Instead of spending fortunes on repainting or patching that part of the wall that got burnt by a candle or scratched by a toddler, why not put a nice mirror there to hide the wall’s scar?

7. Even your accessories can shimmer! Bring mirrors to your dining room or kitchen with mirrored place mats, dishes, or candle holders. Items made of glass shine and add visual interest to your table. You can even consider having a professional glass worker add mirror fronts to your furniture for a modern upgrade.

6. Some homes have insets in the ceiling that provide architectural detail. We believe that detail should be enhanced, and one way to do that is with mirror. Mirrors on the ceiling create a “skylight” effect, and can bring a dramatic look to a living room, dining room, or foyer ceiling. Even pantry or cabinet ceilings could be mirrored. Doing so would enable you to see the contents of the upper shelves much easier, increasing your storage options.

5.Low on floor lamps or outlets? Use mirrored folding screens to illuminate a dark corner. You don’t need lights in every part of your house, thanks to mirrors. This can also help save on electricity costs.

4. If your problem is a dark kitchen that never seems to be bright enough, try incorporating mirror into your back splash.Doing so can bring more light to your kitchen, in addition to creating an illusion of a more open space.With so many varieties to choose from, mirrored back splashes could work in any style of kitchen.

3.Use well-placed small mirrors to reflect on interesting objects. A corner with aromatic candles could be given extra prominence if reflected in a mirror. Putting some little plants or greenery in places where mirrors could reflect on them will increase the feeling of life in your home.

2. Decorative mirrors are less about function and more about decorative purposes. However, distinctive mirrors could also show your personality, incorporating your style and taste into your room. The mirrors, for example, in the master bedroom could be more formal, while mirrors in the children’s bedroom can be decorative and playful. Also consider combining decorative mirrors with wall pictures in contrasting colors for an interesting mural wall.

1. Try a large-scale mirror in your house; even consider using mirrors that span from floor to ceiling. Substantial mirrors can provide a bright and spacious feeling in smaller areas. For example, you could put mirrors on both sides of your fireplace and it would instantly make that room feel bigger when reflecting objects around the room. You might want to consider other creative approaches, such as putting sizeable mirrors on a floor leaning against the wall. Despite it seeming casual, it comes off as incredibly luxurious.

Picture Details: For more information on pricing or how to order any of the items pictured above, please contact Curtain Call Creations. All Uttermost, from left to right: Woodrum Tree Stump Mirror, Vedea Framed Mirror, Gavar Cheval Mirror on Stand, Nicoline Tray, Alanna Candle holders (Set of 2), Rustic Artifacts Reflections {Set of 3}.