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Mar 13, 2019But, You Followed the Instructions…

Have you ever purchased a box of hair color from the store thinking, “I can do this?” You read the instructions and they made perfect sense. So, you thought “why not?” And you did. And then you realized too late…you shouldn’t have!

It seems like a simple task, to throw some color on your hair, right? But in reality, there are many factors to take into consideration. They always state “results may vary” for a reason. If you aren’t trained in coloring hair, you might not know that you can color dark over light, but not light over dark. Or that your natural color will have a different result than hair that has already been colored. So, basically, you’re going to wing it and hope for the best. If you want consistent beautiful results… you spend a little more, and let the professionals do their magic!

The same can be said for interior designing. You can spend hours shopping from store to store and never find the “perfect fit.” You can order online, and then stand in line, to return those readymade drapes. You can paint your wall a color you love…only to find that’s it’s just about impossible to find furnishings and draperies to compliment it!

Save yourself time and frustration! Call Curtain Call Creations and let our professional designers guide you through the process of choosing color palettes you’ll fall in love with. We will measure your space and custom order furnishings that are a perfect fit. Contact us today for your free, in-home consultation. We value your time as much as you do!