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Apr 19, 2019Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape: Choosing the Perfect Table

You went over to your friend’s house and she showed off her new live edge table for her living
room. You can’t help it—you’re jealous. You haven’t gotten a new table since 1997! Yet you
find yourself panicking…”where do I even start?” Whether you are trying to select a dining
room table or just a simplistic coffee table, there’s no reason to feel daunted. There are many
shapes, sizes, and styles that can fit your needs. When it comes down to it, the most important
decision lies in the shape. The shape of your table can make or break your room. Which shape do
you think works best for you?

Rectangular: Tables that are rectangular in shape tend to add length and depth to a space. They
will elongate a room. If you choose a table that is made of wood or metal, it can help to add
some weight to a space that feels empty. Choosing a glass tabletop, however, will help the table
visually disappear and make a room seem more open.

Square: Square tables are a more challenging design option, as they generally belong in rooms
that are larger and also square in shape. This is because square tables are usually larger in size.
That being said, square tables work very well in rooms with sectional sofas. The square shape
mimics the angles of the sectional.

Round: Tables that are round are ideal for smaller spaces that feel more cramped. Are you
worried about your table taking up too much space? Get a table that is round. They allow for
adequate seating while also lending themselves to good room flow. They are especially
wonderful in rooms where you’d like to group some seats together for a conversational area.
Additional Bonus: the lack of edges means that no one will be hip checking themselves off of
your table as they get up for a drink refill.

Oval: An oval table is like a marriage between rectangular and round tables, while adding a bit
of instant elegance to your space. Oval tables are less common than the other shapes, so that is
often the appeal for buyers that want a table that is more unique or visually interesting. Oval
tables work very well as dining tables, as they add extra seating a round or square table cannot.
Have we helped you to table your concerns about shopping for your new furniture? We at
Curtain Call Creations can help with more than just your drapery needs. We would love to help
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