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Dec 14, 2017Creating a Non-Traditional Holiday Mantle

We were recently given the challenge of creating a non-traditional holiday mantle for a client’s family room, and we had so much fun! Our clients spend a lot of time in this room—it is in the heart of their home and is set just off of their kitchen. They have three young children that also share and enjoy this space. Our client’s family room is both elegant and comfortable, with pops of rich purples and greens set against neutrals. We selected a purple, green and teal color palette for the mantle to help pull in the color schemes of the surrounding rooms. Read on to see how we built our non-traditional holiday mantle item by item.

Greenery: The first thing that went into place was the greenery. In this case we used faux greenery, but real works too! Use a generous amount set like a bed for the rest of your items—we needed 3 boughs for our project. Greenery always brings a semi-neutral pop of color and looks amazing even just by itself (but you know we’re not just stopping there…).

Gold Decorative Birds: We found two weathered gold birds that set the entire design in motion. Both stylish and sophisticated, they tucked in perfectly in the two middle corners of the mantle. The shadows they cast on the wall at night are incredible!

Gold Mercury Glass Candlesticks: The next items that went in were nine striking gold mercury glass candlesticks. We chose three different sizes: 2 small, 4 medium, and 3 large. Alternating sizes, we placed them across the mantle in different groupings to create the biggest visual impact. These candlesticks are so beautiful that they could be used year-round.

Colorful “Ornaments” of Various Sizes: These glittery and matte “ornaments” were just the pop of color we were looking for. This is a room that the family spends a lot of time in. We didn’t want to forget that as we were designing this mantle—it needs to be enjoyed by the entire family! We selected various colors and sizes to be positioned around the greenery, birds and candlesticks. It brought some much needed whimsy into the design.

Lights: Tucked all around each item, we included lights with a battery pack that allows our clients to set a six hour display time at a particular time of day. They also have several settings that allows for constant or flickering light displays. These allow the mantle to shine even when the sun goes down.

Peacock Feathers: What bird-inspired holiday mantle is complete without some actual feathers? Peacock feathers were the obvious choice for our project—their naturally vibrant greens and blues paired perfectly with our color scheme. We found some feather bundles with little clips attached to them, which allowed us to easily situate them where they looked best.

Peacock Ribbon Bows: Handmade by our very own Candy Kloster, these sparkly peacock feather bows bring the extra vavoom to the mantle. Placed in the interior corners, they help to bring the eye down to our client’s beautifully styled bookshelves. The gold details in the ribbon stood out so nicely next to the gold birds and candlesticks.

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