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Feb 18, 2019Custom Motorized Shades….Why Not?

Custom motorized shades aren’t a fad…they are the future! Seriously, when was that last time you rolled your car window down by hand? Or, got up from the couch to turn on the television? I know I can’t recall a time without my automatic garage door!

Motorized shades are custom made for beauty and function…and let’s not forget convenience! Think of how nice it is to reach over, grab the remote and adjust the lighting of any room. Or, wake up in the morning and let the sun shine in, without having to get up to open the shades…

Custom motorized shades make life easier for individuals with medical conditions or limited mobility who find it hard to get up and manually open and close shades. They are also a great choice for windows that are high up and cumbersome to reach…problem solved with a small remote!

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