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Aug 01, 2017Decorating One Space with Two Opinions

Moving is difficult enough, but when you also have the task of combining two people’s tastes, things can get…complicated. It doesn’t matter if you are about to move in with your best friend or your life partner: both parties will have items they want to bring into the space, and those items won’t necessarily match. Maybe you both share the same music and love tacos, but that won’t make that whimsical wagon wheel coffee table look great next to her teal velvet sofa.

Before you let the relationship or the furniture go up in flames, try some of the following ideas:

Take an inventory of what items each of you have. Decide together which items are most important and which items you are willing to let go of. Compromise will be a concept you will need to get familiar with to have a successful design and living partnership. If you are in the process of combining your furniture, try to think outside the box. You might have to paint something to make it fit in better, or use an item in a different way than you have been. It’s okay that the wagon wheel coffee table has been disassembled and hung on the wall, and it actually looks really great over that teal sofa. You can often still find a way to make your items work together while still pleasing you both.

Visit design websites like Houzz and Pinterest together to find out what your common ground is before buying anything new. See which design styles you both gravitate towards, and emulate that in your home design. Take what you already have and blend it together to create that look you both love. Don’t be afraid to update old pieces so you can achieve that look—get creative! Once you live in the place for a few weeks, notice what you’re missing and start a design shopping list.

Think neutral when painting and buying staple furniture pieces. A neutral color creates the perfect design base and will last for years to come. Furniture is costly and you only want to incur that cost once in a while; painting is tedious and not something you want to do every year. Choosing neutral helps you in avoiding these challenges. However, a neutral background doesn’t mean boring—in fact, it allows you to change out your accessories easily and without a major design renovation cost. You could switch out your throw pillows and artwork with every season, if you wanted to!

Shop together and find items that excite you both. This way, you’ll be tying together what you already have with furniture you both love. If budget is important, visit websites like Offer Up and Let Go to see what people near your neighborhood are selling. You’ll be making less of a carbon footprint with your purchases and saving some money that you can put towards something else. Furthermore, you can sell any items you’re getting rid of on those websites.

Make it personal. That’s something easy to agree on. Display some framed photographs of friends and family. Organize and hang your different artwork together by color and matching frames instead of by style. Consider your joint hobbies and decorate accordingly: a record player in the living room and a “Make Tacos Not War” sign in the kitchen. You’ll both feel happy when you walk in the door to your new home, because it will feel like your home.

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