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Nov 20, 2018Form Versus Function…Or Why Not Both?

How do you approach decisions about home improvement projects? Do you think about function, meaning your goals and expectations for how a product will WORK? Or do you think about form, meaning your goals and expectations for how a product will LOOK? We at Curtain Call Creations ask you this: why can’t it be BOTH?

When it comes to making decisions about home improvement projects, I think many of us experience a time when we have to ask ourselves: “What is the desired outcome of this project?” It is important to have clear goals and expectations, so the project turns out to be a functional success. However, many products that are a functional success aren’t necessarily appealing to the eyes. For example, if you want an easy-to-grow, real and plant-like item for your home, that is available for you. It’s called a Chia Pet. Like I said, not all functional successes are appealing to the eyes. Similarly, many products that are successful in form aren’t necessarily useful. For example, if you want a pop (or five) of color on your bed, that is available to you. They’re called throw pillows. In my house, we don’t lay or sleep on them. They come off the bed at night, and go back on in the morning when the bed is made. Like I said, not all items that are successful in form are useful. That being said, if you need a Chia Pet, you should look for the most beautiful one. If you need throw pillows, you should opt for the most comfortable ones. Why? Because there is no reason you shouldn’t have both form AND function.

How does this apply to your life and your home?

In literally every way! As you approach any project, big or small, you’re given an opportunity to marry form and function. Many people pick the basic item because of cost, but if you take a moment to consider the design aspect as well, you’re making your home both more marketable and more comfortable. To get you started, we’ll share a few basic ideas on how to intersect form and function in your own home:

When thinking about the kitchen: If you are installing new countertops, first think about function. What were some of the things you liked and hated about the old countertops? How does your family use the old countertops—do you cut on them a lot? Put hot items on them? Where do the old countertops show wear and tear? Take notes on all of this, and then begin thinking about design. What colors will look best with your cabinetry? Which options are the most visually appealing? What options are the best for resale value? From there, you can take your notes and first begin researching about function, gathering all of the options that fit your functional needs. Then, you weed through those options using your design criteria, and thereby narrowing it down to a few options. It’s much easier to research those few options and make a choice from there. Even if your bottom line is budget, at least you know you’re already marrying form and function.

When thinking about the living room: If you are purchasing a new sofa, first think about function. With the last sofa you had, what did you like or hate about it? How do you want the new sofa to fit into your room? Take measurements. How do you want it to feel when you sit down: firm, soft, deep, shallow? After you gather your thoughts on the way the sofa should work for you, begin thinking about how you want it to look. Do you want the arms to be straight or curved? Do you want separate cushions or one big cushion? What color would look nice with your current furniture and carpet? Just like in your kitchen, you will be able to take that information and create a list to narrow down from. Using this system, you should find a way to end up with a product that is both functional and stylish.

When thinking about window treatments: If you are in need of some window treatments for your home, begin in the same way you would in your kitchen or living room: with function. How do you want them to operate—vertically or horizontally? Do you want them to be stationary, or do you want them to open and close? Do you want a lot of light to be let in the room, or a little light? After you’ve considered all of this, you can begin looking at the design options that fit the bill. What colors work with the items in your room? Do you want plain or patterned fabric? How can you create the greatest visual impact in the room? Narrowing down first by function, form shouldn’t be left out of this project, either. Window treatments that are given as much consideration as other items in your room will be a tremendous visual appeal.

Does this topic make you feel itchy and panicky that you’ll go astray? Give us a call at Curtain Call Creations. We’d love to help you with your window treatment and home design projects!