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May 03, 2017Furniture Placement & Selection

Selecting and arranging furniture is a hobby that can be seen as therapeutic to most people; however, with little preemptive thinking and vision, this task can easily become a nightmare. Here are a few important tips to consider if you want to avoid the headache.

Don’t Forget the Television-

For most rooms, televisions are a necessity to say the least; but television positioning and placement are often least considered when it comes to room layout. Whether it’s too close or too far, a poorly placed set can easily ruin the entire viewing experience for you and your guests. A good indication that you're sitting too close to a screen is if you find yourself distracted by the screen's "structure" — those rows and columns of pixels that look like tiny dots.There are various charts available online made to assist you with finding the best location for your set.

Don’t Block Your Windows -

Your windows are frames to the outside world and nature is your photograph. Don’t put a couch in front of your art. If symmetry is your focus, you want to maintain an equal distance on both sides. Offices have a bit more freedom as most people prefer to position their desks in front of their windows to take in the view. Regardless of your set up, it is important to give your windows breathing room.

Plan and Measure Your Layout First -

There is nothing like going on an hours long furniture shopping spree, then exerting a large amount of strength loading and unloading your hefty new living room suite, only to walk inside and realize you have no room for anything that you bought. A tape measurer is your best friend before, during and after furniture selection and placement. Be sure to consider the distance away from walls and windows, large furniture, symmetry and traffic flow. You want to be able to walk through your living space, not over it.

For most people, the excitement from simply visualizing your dream room can cause you to forget all about planning. But if you follow these tips, you can save yourself a whole lot of frustration!

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