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Jul 06, 2016Can Getting Rid of Stuff be Life Changing?

By now you've probably at least heard about Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, otherwise known as 'Konmari' or 'The Konmari Method'. In case you haven't, I'll give you a little summary. It's about learning to spot which of your belongings 'give you joy' and which you need to get rid of. The story goes that getting rid of the things that no longer gives you joy is life changing.

But is it?

From an interior design perspective, it's a definite possibility.

People are happiest when they're surrounded by things they like. When I make a client's dream room reality, simply beingin that space improves their mood. Clients often need to get rid of things in order to make that dream room happen, though.

It can be hard to let go of something you once loved, a family heirloom that doesn't really match your style, something your children gave you, an old wedding gift – or any gift, for that matter. But when you let those things go, it frees you up to create a space you absolutely love.

Take a look around the room you're in. What items do you see that you don't really like? Imagine what the room could look like if you got rid of all the old photos in dusty frames, the faded silk flowers, the blanket your grandma made you in college … and replaced it with pieces that suit your personal style! You might experience some guilt over the blanket. If you really love the blanket, keep it! But if that's only one of an overwhelming number of things your grandma made for you, you might not love it so much.

Marie Kondo's book teaches you to round up all of those items and choose which ones you really love. So in the case of grandma's handmades, you'd round them all up in one place and choose which ones really “spark joy”. Then you'd get rid of the ones that don't. And if sentimental items are a bit too much to handle, don't worry, the book starts you out doing this process with clothing and a number of other groups first. Sentimentals are last.

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