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Apr 05, 2016How to Grow Vegetables and Herbs Indoors

With just a few key supplies, you can grow lettuce, broccoli, spinach, kale, cilantro and a list of other herbs and vegetables indoors year-round without digging or battling pests.

The process begins with a Tower Garden Growing System. These vertical hydroponic gardening systems are fantastic both indoors and out. They allow virtually anyone to grow fresh veggies, fruit and herbs with minimal effort. Bringing this system indoors requires no additional labor to grow.

Using an energy efficient Grow Light provides all the sun your vegetables and herbs will need. The cost to power the grow light is only about $.30 per day, or $9 per month!

Save Money on Organic Veggies All Year-round

The cost of fresh vegetables and herbs in Winter can be steep. Given that organic vegetables are already a bit more expensive, they are even more so off-season. Growing your own greens and herbs enables you to not only eat super fresh food, but it also saves you a small fortune.

Leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach and kale continually produce new leaves as long as they receive proper light, temperature, water and fertilization (which is a snap with the Tower Garden). You can enjoy juicing your own greens, fresh salads and cooking yummy entrees with fresh, aromatic herbs grown right in your home.

No Pests, No Weeds, No Dirt

Avid gardeners may see dirt, weeds, digging, hoeing, worms and pests as an integral part of the gardening experience. For everyone else, the Tower Garden is an ideal solution. But even the traditional gardening enthusiast can appreciate the flexibility of growing year-round indoors. This is especially true for those living in colder climates with shorter growing seasons.

Pairing the Tower Garden system with a Grow Light makes eating and growing organic vegetables a breeze. The growing system requires minimal effort to set up. Starting seedlings is clean and hassle-free. Plants are nourished with a nutrient solution that comes with your system. You can begin snipping your home-grown fresh leafy greens and herbs in a matter of weeks. Honestly, growing your own veggies doesn't get easier than this system.

Ready to Get Started?

I loved using my Tower Garden Growing System so much that I enrolled to become a distributor. Everything you need can be found on my site. Use these links to pick up your Tower Garden Growing System and Grow Light today.

What are you going to grow in yours? Tell me in the comments!