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Interior Design & Window Treatments

Interior Design

We are a full-service residential and commercial design firm that offers a team of talented professional designers with the capability of managing a design project from conception to completion. Our designers contribute creativity and sophistication to interior design projects ranging from luxury residential interior design, vacation home design, commercial interior design, renovation design projects, as well as luxury model home design.

Are you ready to start a design project but didn't know where to begin? Our design philosophy is to help you choose special custom pieces that you will treasure for years to come.

We specialize in full residential and commercial projects. Our experienced designers will meet with you in the comfort of your own home or office to discuss your needs, ideas and budget allowance. Call today at 630.737.1510 to schedule a no obligation appointment.


  • Planning and Layout developing a floor plan to meet your needs
  • Window Treatments custom design of window treatments including a large selection of custom fabrics and trims
  • Furniture selection and placement of furniture
  • Flooring Selections wood,tile, carpeting
  • Color Coordination color selections for paint, upholsteries, window treatments, flooring and accessories
  • Wall Coverings distinctive selections of wall coverings to enhance the beauty of your room
  • Lighting thoughtful selection of lighting to coordinate with the architecture and style of your space
  • Artwork & Accessories -To put the finishing touches on your design project
  • Architectural Finish and Fixture - Selections of exterior brick and stone, siding colors, plumbing fixtures, hardware
  • Kitchen and Bath Design remodeling an existing kitchen or bath or building new we can assist you with the layout and selection of cabinets and appliances
  • Custom Cabinetry Design entertainment centers, bookshelves, custom hutches- wine cabinets
  • Staging selection and placement of existing furniture, accessories and artwork in your home or office


Sometimes you might need another opinion or a little assistance with your renovation project or interior design. A single design session is designed for the people who need just a few hours of assistance.

Here are some instances of common design problems that we can assist you with during the session:
  • Picking the perfect paint color for your a single room or your entire home. This is our most popular type of project.
  • Assistance shopping for artwork and accessories. Typically we stop by for a few hours to develop a plan, then we go shopping at some of the local stores in and around Chicago.
  • The Hanging of artworks could become tricky, let’s step out to assist you in looking for the right location for your existing artwork. We can even mark the exact height that you should hang the artwork. Or, we can hang it for you.
  • Pick a new countertop material (for instance, Silestone, Concrete, Granite). To Select the color of the hardwood floor.
  • Working together with your builder and yourself towards figuring out the materials that would work best for your bathroom or kitchen. A single design might be right for you.
  • Stop over for a few hours to get an opinion on the fixtures or furniture that you’re thinking of buying from a retailer (for instance, Ikea, Restoration Hardware, Barrel and Crate and Barrel)
  • Getting help when you’re renovating a project by yourself and require some advice on designing. For a single design session, we’ll like to leave things simple and charge people by the hour. If we stay at your home for two hours, you will pay for Two hours . If you like our work and feel like keeping us for long, we’re cool with that also.
  • If you’re not really sure of the kind of help that you’re going to need? Send us an email or speak to us through the phone so that we can give you an estimate of how long it will take us to complete your project.


When you’ve got a bigger project that you require lots of help with, A full-scale Interior Design Projects is probably the best way to go.

Here are some instances of very common design projects that we have worked on:
  • Assisting with the furnishing of a room or an entire house.
  • Designing a new bathroom or powder room.
  • Helping you to design the type of kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of for so many years.
  • Picking the accessories and artwork that finish off your room.
  • Transferring to a new house? We can assist you in deciding which pieces to move away and also to design a furniture layout and then plan your new house.
  • Help you in interviewing and finding contractors.
First Appointment


Any Project below 20 Hours


Projects 20 Hours or above


After stopping at your house for the initial consultation, we’ll put together an estimate for the project. Within the estimate, we are going to list all the tasks that are to be completed (usually by room) with the amount of time it will require to complete the project. Your rate is based on the amount of time it will require to complete the entire project.

Estimates are not going to include the cost of materials (for instance, materials, furniture, accessories, artwork) or the amount it will take the contractors to finish any task. At this juncture, it is very early to say how much a particular item will cost. If you want to know the estimate of your budget, there is a guide for checking the costs of home renovation items.


Having worked on over 900+ home renovation and interior design projects within the last few years, we’ve streamlined and developed a process to enable you renovate or decorate your house. Though the process might vary from project to project, if you sign up with us, your projects are going to follow these steps.

The project kicks off –Immediately the project has been defined and all the contracts have been signed, Now, we can begin the process of designing for your project. During this project kick-off, you’ll make contact with the interior designer who’s responsible for the project. The lead designer might be different from the one that came to the initial consultation.

The on-site expert designer will begin by taking measurements of the work site and also an inventory of all existing accessories and furniture that’s going to be utilized in the new design. We’ll also work towards refining your design scope and the vision of your project, so that no detail is left out of the design.


Designing the Inside is going to work on the of your new growth space. Now that we’ve got a deeper understanding of your design, we are going to create the complete design that will include the necessary elevations, floor plans, material samples, paint colors, furniture selections and sketches, to get the designs to you and other contractors that might be involved in the creation of the design. Our aim is to give you enough details, just for you to comprehend what the space will look like and make a decision on the direction of the design.

Product acquisition

Finally, after your approval of the design, it’s now time to begin the purchasing of materials. During this period, necessary merchandise and products are going to be purchased by Designs In, yourself, and other contractors that might be involved with the project.


Whenever we receive the materials, the group that’s responsible for the management and the implementation has already been engaged, the implementation and construction can now begin. This might be as easy as arranging your furniture and hanging your artworks, or it can be as complicated as building a brand new kitchen. It depends on the kind of project that you’ve got. Depending on your project size and scope, implementation may be completed by Design Inside.


Even before the dust starts to fly, management of the project is critical to keeping it on track and on budget. Depending on the size of the project, you may elect to manage the project yourself. However, most customers hire us to manage things. Design Inside might recommend payment and timeline schedule in order to timely complete your project. We might also assist in reviewing the work of the installers, painters, contractors and arrange for the delivery of furniture's and other items during the implementation phase, in order to make things move smoothly. During this phase, it’s vital to keep an open channel of communication to inspect the construction as it’s progressing. We utilize texts, email, cell phone pics, text messaging and phone calls to communicate faster and maintain the timeliness of your project. Most times, weekly status meetings are required.


Once the dust has settled, the paint has dried, and the last piece of furniture has been moved into place, we will review the project to make sure that you are happy with the final result and come on site to take some photos of the completed project. Our goal is to make sure that we have met or exceeded your expectations and that you are happy with the look and feel of your new home.

Paint Consultations

How many of you entered a paint store or hardware store , with swatch of fabric, to quickly select paint colors for your home?

You tell yourself . "Really, how tough can it be? Beige is beige right?" You quickly learn that the answer to that question is NO! There is bayshore beige, white oaks, king arthur's court, cream soda, home sweet home, hillsborough beige, muslin, lady finger and about 500 other beige's.

You're looking at paint samples under fluorescent lighting which you don't have at home. So, what do you do? How can you make the right color decision based on the latest color and design trends in home furnishings that will enhance the look of your home?

Rely on the expert! Take the guess work out of your color selections.

Wallpaper Installation

Curtain Call Creations have wallpapered homes and businesses since 2007. Wallpaper is one of our favorite ways to bring color, texture, and personality to a home. Bold patterns and bright colors make any room seem more valiant, while light-toned papers with delicate prints convey a feeling of spaciousness.

Faux Painting

We have some of the best Faux painters in the area. Faux painting finishing is an attractive paint finish that imitates the appearance of materials such as marble, wood or stone.

Home Redesign Service

Do you ever watch home remodeling shows on television and dream of winning the opportunity to win a design team to come in a make your dreams a reality? Make your dream a reality today with Curtain Call Creations!

Our design team comes in with a fresh outlook to discover your home’s hidden potential . We uncover the beauty you already have with a little finesse and rearranging- without the expense of new furnishings.

We use our fresh perspective with your furnishings, accessories, artwork, and family treasures to create the beautiful home you dream of with things that you already own and love. We start by discussing how you live in each space and what you like or dislike about each room. You show us your valued artwork, furniture, and accessories and we’ll arrange them in new ways that best showcase your style, enhanced with today's newest designs.

Move-in Service

Let Curtain Call Creations take the chaos out of moving in. With our experienced eye for layout and arrangement, we help you quickly and smoothly create your stylish-home happy.

1/2 day (4 hours) -$500 (standard rate applies for additional hours on same day of service)
Full day (8 hours) - $900

Realtor Services

Let our years of know-how in design help you stage and create an atmosphere to sell your home. Nothing sells a unit better than great furnishings to make a unit feel like a home . Whether it’s a full model or just staging, Curtain Call Creations will do all the heavy lifting!

Our offer extends past the sale of the home too. Offer Curtain Call Creations to help the new home owner move in. Some customers need help understanding a space. Will the furniture work? How can we let more light in with custom blinds? Those are the kinds of questions that we are the experts. Then, when they are ready to design and we make their new place breathtaking.