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Jun 05, 2015Is A Professional Interior Designer Worth Hiring?

When people think about interior designers, they imagine some officious individual who steps into a home and immediately says something ridiculous like, “None of this is working. We’ll have to get rid of everything!” Believe us, we find this completely absurd as well. At Curtain Call Creations, we hold a different philosophy.

When it comes to homes, people tend to judge the book by its cover. You will be able to confidently show off your house to anyone with a little help from us! As a home owner, you’re constantly focusing on specific issues or factors in your home that have room for improvement. On the other hand, a professional interior designer’s job is to assess and conceptualize the larger picture, rather than certain features. Whether you have a specific budget or want to follow a certain theme, an expert interior designer will help you along the way.

A home owner without much experience can end up designing something cluttered or inconsistent. It’s important that all the furniture, lighting, colors, and miscellaneous furnishings work together in harmony. When you hire a professional interior designer to do this for you, you can trust that he or she will coordinate all the factors that make a home great!

Why potentially waste all that money and time you would spend ineffectively designing your home yourself? Don’t pick out the wrong fixtures or furniture, only to return them later when they don’t match the scheme or measurements of your home. Curtain Call Creations will transform your home into a masterpiece you can be proud of. Our clients enjoy a comfortable and satisfying experience when they hire us. Our design team holds lasting relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers, which allows us to negotiate with our many vendors to get you the best deals.

At $95/hour, Curtain Call Creations will offer amazing support and truly outstanding designs for your home. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about our services!

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