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Feb 17, 2016Letting Go of Dated Sentimental Décor

You’ve tucked it into guest rooms. You’ve tried to blend it in with the rest of your décor. You may have even tried to convince one of your kids to like it. But the sentimental décor you keep moving around is weighing you down personally and taking away from the overall appeal of your space.

Whether it belonged to your grandmother or someone special gifted it to you ages ago, it’s important to understand that the emotional attachment to that person, occasion or season of life does not require continued possession of the item in question. This is especially true if you don’t even like the thing. Getting rid of it won’t make you forget the sentiment.

I’ve seen so many homes that display old clocks from grandparents, framed photos from relatives and gifted décor items that the owner doesn’t like but keeps to avoid feeling guilty. Don’t let these items make you feel bad, and certainly don’t feel like you have to hold on to something simply because of where it came from. If you don’t like it, don’t keep it.

Be mindful of who you may pass this item on to, especially if it’s a so-called family heirloom. You may end up transferring that false guilt to the recipient. If you’d rather skip potential family squabbles over this thing, simply donate it or pass it on to someone who would truly love it.

Your surroundings should bring you a sense of peace, joy and comfort. If a sentimental item you no longer like is preventing you from achieving a certain look or style in a room, don’t feel guilty for getting rid of it. The item served its purpose. It’s okay to let it go. This will free you up to complete the room in a way that pleases you.