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Feb 18, 2019Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Can Make a Room Appear Less Small

The goal of a strategically placed mirror is to provide the illusion that the room is larger, brighter, and wider. By using a mirror as the focal point in a small room, or one without windows, you can create the illusion of depth and lightness, in a space that’s dull, and somber.

Hanging mirrors on walls, or placing them on glass tabletops, can really open up the feel of a room. Mirrored cabinet doors are also an excellent choice for creating the illusion of space, if the lighting is right. A mirror that is cut to mimic a window can make a small room feel open, warm and inviting, instead of small and claustrophobic. Hanging a tall mirror in the right space will draw the eye upward naturally, creating an immediate feeling of space.

And my last tip for a small room…is a LARGE mirror placed against a wall. The mirror should be a statement piece that compliments the room, adds beauty, and gives the grand illusion of a spacious room.

If you are feeling claustrophobic, dealing with a small and somber room, call Curtain Call Creations for a free in-home consultation, our designers can help you in a big way!