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Jan 13, 2016Playroom Window Treatments by Curtain Call Creations

Window treatments for the playroom require a different perspective than most rooms of your home. The playroom often takes a bit more abuse than other rooms, and safety is especially important here. You want to have a room that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for the kids.

Window Treatment Length

The length of your window treatments largely depends on the age of the children that will be using the space. For children three and younger, you should rule out drapes and curtains that reach beyond the windowsill. Little hands are likely to tug on them, and they could create a fall hazard. Roman shades provide full window coverage without leaving a flowy pool of fabric on the floor. Cornices offer a beautiful effect and pair well with wide blinds. Valances are another option since they leave nothing in reach of little hands.


The ultimate goal is to choose a window treatment that is out of reach. Long panels or drapes can be pulled down onto children accidentally. Be sure to secure any cords or cables that are attached to your blinds. Keep these far out of reach as they are a choking hazard. Even when installed with safety in mind, anything that children can reach is at risk of becoming a hazard.


It’s best to choose materials that are easy to clean and care for. Avoid delicate fabrics, beading or other appliqués that could make cleaning difficult. Even if your window treatments are out of reach, you would be surprised by just how possible it is for children to get splashes of food, drinks and craft supplies on them. Machine washable is best. Obviously, you can’t machine wash a cornice, but you can choose a heavy fabric that’s easy to scrub.


While your window treatment options may be a bit limited in the playroom, it’s still very possible to find one that is safe, durable and appealing. You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. There are a number of options available. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, Curtain Call Creations can create the perfect custom window treatment for your playroom.

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