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Feb 18, 2019Readymade Madness

Here are two different scenarios for purchasing draperies:

Readymade Draperies:

You search all the stores, you shop on line, you spend HOURS upon HOURS debating on which drapes will look great in your room. You find “the ones” and can’t wait to hang them; you are so sure they are going to look perfect! Only, they’re not. You question yourself, your spouse, your friends asking “what do you think?” Maybe you convince yourself they will “do for now,” because you just don’t want to go back and start over. Then, every time you walk into that room you can’t avoid thinking of how much time and money you spent on drapes you really don’t like.

Custom Designed Draperies:

You set up a free in-home consultation with an experienced designer from Curtain Call Creations. She comes to your home and talks with you about what you are looking to achieve. She looks at the space, the window itself, the ambiance of the room, and listens to what your vision is. She offers suggestions and produces samples you can touch and feel, while sitting in the room you are creating the drapes for. A professional installer comes by measure your window. Your drapes are designed, created and installed…and all you had to do is make a phone call! You smile every time you walk into that room because you LOVE the look!

Love the look…and look no further than Curtain Call Creations to avoid the “readymade madness!”