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Jun 16, 2017Luxury Recycling with Renovation Angel

Have you ever wondered what happens to the luxury kitchens of the world when their owners decide to renovate or tear down their homes? We recently learned about an amazing team of folks at Renovation Angel who have an answer to that question.

What is Renovation Angel?

After he left the radio business in 1998, Steve Feldman was looking for an opportunity to “give back” after all of the help he had been given for struggles he had faced in his life. One afternoon, he drove by a 10,000 square foot mansion and saw a sign that read “Demolition in Progress”. Steve’s wheels started turning as he began to wonder what happens with the items in the home during demolition. Could they be recycled? It turns out that they can, and his thoughts turned into a kitchen donation program known as Renovation Angel. In the past nine years, Renovation Angel has become America’s leading recycler of pre-owned kitchens and showroom displays. In that time, they have diverted 25 million pounds from landfills from selling 4,500 kitchens.

How does it work?

The first step in the process is qualification. Potential clients submit information to the Restoration Angel website about their appliances including brand, age, condition, and pictures. If the kitchen qualifies for recycling, Renovation Angel’s experienced professionals come inspect and assess each item. From there, all they need to do is schedule their white glove removal service—they will pack and transport your items from your home in one day, at no cost to you.

What’s in it for me?

Well, that’s easy to answer. You were going to renovate or demolish your kitchen anyway. Now you’re saving an item from joining the landfill. Furthermore, donating a kitchen to Renovation Angel includes a full tax deduction and savings. Not to mention that you’ll get professional removal and transportation of your items—think of the money you’ll save on demolition and disposal! That’s a win-win in our books.

Where do I find out more information?

By now, we imagine that you’re as excited about this concept as we are! Are you interested in seeing if your own kitchen might qualify for the Restoration Angel program?

Contact the team at Curtain Call Creations we will help with creating your perfect luxury kitchen. CLICK HERE for a no obligation appointment in your home or office! 630.737.1510.