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Now that the summer in Chicago is over and we had just a handful of weeks where we didn't have to run our Air Conditioning or Heat. Chicago’s main electricity provider, ComEd is offering some remarkable rebates on Smart Thermostats. Take a look at what Curtain Call Creations has researched for you.


A Smart Thermostat is a impressive new selection of products that help you heat and cool your home automatically without having to think about it. They are aimed at being more comprehensible than the programmable thermostats and the manual thermostats. The 3 main vendors that offer these thermostats are:

  • Nest Learning Thermostat – $250
  • EcoBee3 – $250
  • HoneyWell Lyric – $250


Internet Connection

All 3 of the thermostats listed previously connect to your home WiFi network so that they permit you to remotely control the temperature wirelessly using your iPhone or Android smart phone. It also allows the thermostat to observe the current temperature and automatically regulate based on the current weather.

Auto Away

My favorite part about my thermostat is how it automatically detects if someone is around the home or not. If it doesn’t detect motion in the home, the thermostat will go into an “Away” mode where it doesn’t run the heat or air conditioner as much. When I’m on my way home from a meeting or from being out of town, I simply launch the App from my iPhone and tell the thermostat to start heating or cooling my home prior to my return home.

Learning Your Patterns

All of the smart thermostats try to learn your usage patterns so that they can automatically start to heat/cool your home at the most suitable time. If it notices that your household wakes up around 6:00AM, the heat or AC will start to run slightly before 6:00AM so that your house is at a comfortable temperature when you wake up. Slightly older programmable thermostats offered these features, but they had to manually be programmed.

Scheduling the thermostat useage

In an effort to help you save energy and reduce your bill, many of these thermostats try to make saving energy fun. They do this by showing you how much energy you are using on a daily basis. Thermostats like the Nest also display a little green leaf on the thermostat when you are setting the temperature to an most favorable setting.

Nest Energy

If you are looking to pick up one of these smart thermostats and you live in the Chicagoland area, you are in luck. Currently, ComEd is offering rebates for purchasing and installing either a Nest Learning Thermostat or an EcoBee3 Thermostat. Thermostats purchased and installed between October 5th, 2015 and May 31st, 2016 are eligible for a $100 rebate. If you have your device installed by a certified contractor, you could receive a rebate of $125. If you happen to have missed this window of rebates, ComEd continues to offer other rebates for Smart Thermostats in addition to other rebates for weatherizing your home.

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