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Mar 21, 2017What's a Spoonflower?

Have you ever gone to a fabric store and felt like Goldilocks with the three bears? You have a project to work on that requires a specific color or pattern, but you find that "this fabric isn't teal enough" and "that fabric isn't textured enough". You wander the aisles in frustration and begin to think about changing your design. What do you do when the fabric you need only exists in your brain?

Thanks to the folks at Spoonflower, you can be saying "this fabric is just right!" Have you heard of them yet? Since 2008, they've been helping individuals design and print custom textiles, including wallpaper, fabrics, and gift wrap. They use digital manufacturing, which is a fancy way to say they only print what you need for something. This means it's eco friendly and has little waste, but best for you--they have no minimum order. You can order as much or as little product as you'd like.

So how does it work? Well, first you pick a design. You can either design your own or choose one that's already created. There are categories for almost anything you can think of. Don't believe me? Check the side bar to shop by tags such as "asparagus", "lumberjack", or "hamster". I was giggling in awe at how many designs already exist for so many types of words. Next, you pick your medium. Do you want fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap? Or some of each, like we do? Once you've decided, all that's left is to print your order and try to contain your enthusiasm while you wait for your package to arrive.

For a designer like me at Curtain Call Creations , Spoonflower makes me do a happy dance. Never again do I have to worry that what I dream up can't be created. I can design the perfect accent wallpaper without ever having to get dressed or leave my sofa! Yet when I told my friend about it, she said she still wouldn't even know where to begin. Are you excited about this concept, but need help from a design professional to pull it all together? Contact us today to begin a personalized Spoonflower design project!