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Mar 16, 2016Styling a Kid-Friendly Living Room

You try to keep the mess contained, but kids will be kids. Toys wind up in the living room. Drinks get spilled. They flip and flop all over the place, knocking things over and snagging fabrics. But kid-proofing your home doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. Some tips I've seen on the internet are borderline tragic. Here are some outside-the-box ideas for creating a living space that is both functional and attractive.

Don't paint your living room – or almost any other room – with a satin or semi gloss paint sheen for easy cleaning. If you love the look of matte paint, keep a sample of your paint colors and a small touch-up kit tucked away in the kitchen, out of reach. Clean the offending stain and touch it up if necessary.

Dark sofas might conceal stains a bit better, but they aren't impervious. Instead of limiting yourself to dark furniture, consider crypton , microfiber or leather. All of these are easy to clean and hold up well to daily abuse.

You may want to store the antique Aubusson and opt for a flat weave or low profile area rug. There are endless possibilities in easy to clean materials.

Trade the traditional wood or hard-edged coffee table for an upholstered or leather ottoman. Or better, look for an ottoman with built-in storage like this one. These are perfect for tucking away toys.

Choose throw pillow covers instead of traditional pillows. It's much easier to remove and wash a pillow cover than it is an entire pillow. As long as you select a machine-washable fabric, you don't have to limit yourself to prints that conceal stains. Surya has so many pillows you will find the perfect accent pillows but if you don’t our custom workroom will love to assist you.

Know that there's nothing wrong with not storing toys in your living room. There are plenty of inventive storage concepts for tucking away toys and other items if you wish to, but ultimately, things don't absolutely have to be stored where they are used.

Kids grow up so fast, enjoy and make happy memories with them.

Whether your goal is to create a playful space for your family or hope to create something that maintains your personal style while serving your family well, Curtain Call Creations is here to help. If you're in the Chicago area, contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. We bring out the design star in you and your home.