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May 22, 2015Candy Shares her Secret Weapon to Save Time, Money and Sanity by Employing Professional Organizer

Introducing: Ann Marie Guenther,Thatgirl Organizes

Not too many folks I know cut their own hair, repair their own cars, or fix their own teeth. So why try to systematize your space without the help of a professional? Remember when your Grandma said, “A place for everything, and everything in its place?” While I 100% agree with this adage, it is very difficult for most folks to conceptualize and actualize the steps and tools needed to accomplish this task efficiently. Everyone in your household has a different learning style — You may be visual, your spouse may be tactile and your child may be a mix of both — and adapting these styles to your project is difficult without the help of a pro.

Some of my clients call me after they attempt organizing themselves. They go to the Container Store with great intentions, purchase great-looking systems, and either have no idea how to implement them or are disappointed after weeks of organizing that they don’t have the right fit for their style or it’s the wrong gadget altogether.

Each system has to fit the family learning style, needs and reach. Thatgirl Organizes creates organized bliss for all family members in the spaces that need it most, be it a closet, a home office, a kitchen, garage, a play area, or any other space. Promoting sanity and logic is a must for families of all sizes.

Professional organizers understand that editing your home’s contents is challenging; they’ll help you decide which things bring you joy because they are meaningful and useful. Gaining control by helping homeowners identify which objects can go on to another state of use is an organizer’s first task for a client. This is always done with care and compassion…and a little light joking around!

If you are tired of rebuying item after item because your things are constantly in a state of “lost,” you may want to get the help of Thatgirl Organizes. You will learn not only how to get organized, but also how to stay organized using tips and tricks Ann Marie has used for years. Habits are hard to break, but the effort is worth it when it comes to organizing. These tips, once they become routine, will maintain orderliness and free up precious time to take care of business (whether that be a home business or managing a family of four).

So you want organize on your own? Here are my top tips for you to get started:

  • 1. Take two paper grocery bags or baskets into the one room that makes you the most crazy. Grab the trash can too.

  • 2. Mark one container “Recycle” and one “Donate.”

  • 3. Set a timer for 15 minutes.

  • 4. As if it’s a race, start going through one area of the room and toss items in the three given containers, leaving behind what is important to that room. No lollygagging! Just do it!

  • 5. Once your timer has gone off, assess your progress.

  • 6. If you are still in gung-ho mode, you passed the first test! Now set the timer and do it again! And again! 45 minutes of de-cluttering should have occurred by now.

  • 7. Take what you have whittled down as the useful and important things in this space.

  • 8. Now organize a step further: According to the learning style of the person’s space you just decluttered, figure out what needs to be accomplished next. If six-year-old Junior is visual and needs his clothing rearranged in his closet, he will enjoy low-hanging clothing storage with pictures and labels according to the type of clothing in each area.

  • Find Thatgirl Organizes on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at 630.673.3637

    Candy owner of Curtain Call Creations suggest Ann Marie Guenther, Thatgirl Organizes to her clients who need a helping hand getting organized.