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Apr 08, 2019“Touch it Once” Philosophy

Have you ever come home to your house and kicked off your shoes at the front door, tossed your coat and scarf onto the bench in your hallway, and walked away? I know I’ve been guilty of that more than once myself! This concept can be especially difficult with kids, as well. The problem is your shoes and winter items have a home elsewhere. Now your initially clean hallway shows signs of clutter, and it all happened in one fell swoop. You were so tired after your work day, the easiest solution was to drop it at the door. What if we told you the solution actually helps you to be lazier, in that you only deal with your items one time? Enter the “Touch it Once” Philosphy!

What does the “Touch it Once” Philosophy mean? Just what it sounds like! Taking off your items and leaving them at the door actually creates more work for you in the long run. The reason why is you now have to take a second amount of effort to put it away later. With the “Touch it Once” Philosophy, you are cleaning up your life exactly as it happens in real time. Read on to hear ten simple ways to incorporate this into your daily life. Bonus: your kids can easily do this, too!

1. When you get out of bed in the morning—make it
2. When you are done with your dishes/pots & pans—put them immediately into the dishwasher or hand wash them that moment
3. When the dishes are clean and you go to grab a clean fork from the dishwasher—put all of the clean items away immediately
4. When you take off your shoes at the door—put them in their cubbies or the shelf where they belong
5. When you take off an article of clothing—immediately throw it in the dirty laundry, or hang it up in your closet for another wear
6. When you have a drink from a can—put it directly into the recycling bin when it’s empty
7. When you use a pen or a screwdriver (or a toy)—put it away again when you are done using it (even if you think you might use it again later!)
8. When you empty the mailbox—sort the flyers, etc. and toss those out, and open the ones you need to read
9. When you use the last of the toilet paper—immediately replenish with a new roll
10. If you see something downstairs that belongs upstairs (or vice versa)—bring it all the way up/down, don’t just leave it on the stairs

Hopefully this has helped you get the wheels turning when it comes to the “Touch it Once” Philosophy and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. By getting your little ones involved, you are not only helping to keep your house cleaner, but you are also instilling positive lifelong habits. Now that your house is tidier, let us help you create a beautifully designed room to go with it! Give us a call at Curtain Call Creations for your complimentary consultation today!