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May 25, 20164 Tricks For Getting Kids to Declutter

Convincing kids to get rid of items they no longer use is nothing short of painful. Whether it's a stained shirt, broken toy or random things they decided to make their own … kids are pretty attached to their stuff. These tips and tricks will help you loosen their death grip from that item that's ready for retirement.

1. Be reasonable. You, not them. Enter the process willing to make some exceptions. They might be really attached to things you see zero value in. If you're willing to let them keep the things they truly love (even if they're no longer functional), your kid will be much more willing to cooperate and let go of things they're not really in love with anymore.

2. Break it down for them. Gently explain that they have far more toys or clothing than they need. Point out how they struggle to find their favorite toys because they have too many. Paint a pretty picture of how much easier things will be with less stuff to dig through.

3. Give them to someone else. Or tell your kids that anyway. If they think their old toys are going to someone who really needs them, they may be a little more willing to let go. So instead of specifying they're going to the thrift store, tell them it's going to someone else. Even if it's going to the trash can.

4. Sort things by type. Instead of digging through one bin at a time, pull things together by category. Books, dolls, blocks etc.. Your child will see just how many they really have. Looking at each category makes it much easier to pick and choose which ones they like and don't like. Doing things in no sort of order might make them less willing to give an item up simply because they're not sure if they have another one, or where it might be.

Once you've got the abundance of stuff under control, it's time to organize and design a room they'll look forward to keeping clean! If your around Naperville, Elgin, Wheaton or elsewhere in the Chicago area, click here to schedule your complementary in-home consultation with Curtain Call Creations!