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Feb 26, 2019When Color Meets the Eye

When we enter a room, our emotions are subconsciously being triggered by what our eyes take in. For example, we can get a sense of openness and lightness in a room that offers natural sunlight, and reflects neutral colors.

According to research, the colors we chose throughout our home can release chemicals that can influence our emotions and quite possibly, trigger a physical response as well.

It’s no secret that that color therapy has been widely used by medical professionals and institutions, and has crossed over into marketing and businesses, to enhance consumer buying and employee productivity.

Here are some examples of universal beliefs regarding colors and how people associate with them:

Thought to help stimulate creativity and intuition, and visually communicates a feeling of sophistication, or a sense of richness.

It seems there are endless shades to choose from, with good reason; blue is considered the most calming color of all. While it invites a feeling of relaxation; if over-used, those feelings can easily change from relaxed, to aloof.

Green is a color that is associated with peace, balance and renewal, and one we find in many areas of our home as we pamper our lawns, plant our gardens, and bring the outdoors inside with the addition of houseplants.

Aptly referred to as the “happiest color of all,” yellow is thought to invoke laughter and a sunny disposition; however, if over-used this color can have quite the opposite effect.

A warm, strong color associated with happiness that brings out the social aspects of personality, and a feeling of being connected. Because orange contains red pigment, over exposure of this color can invoke feelings of irritation.

This color is associated with power, strength and ambition and is the color we notice immediately when entering a room. Too much of this color in a room can create feelings of anger and should be considered as an accent color; not the focus color.

If you aren’t sure how you or your family will respond to a particular color, the best thing to do is spend some time looking at it and writing down how it makes you feel; not what you “think” about the color. If you are contemplating having custom made draperies or furnishings made, use samples to get a “feel” if the fabric is right for you.

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